Villa Ceramica

Villa Ceramica

Introducing one of Europe's largest distribution groups of ceramics, whose trademark is the best customer service and satisfaction, as part of its long term visionay approach.


We belong to an established company in the market,

with more than 15 years of experience, based on the values of

quality, service, innovation, expertise and design.


Villa Ceramica philosophy of avant garde innovation and creativity comes to light with the effort of an experienced human team to personalize a brand name.

Our products are fully committed with the welfare of the present society as well as the local environmental sustainability, being known for its high quality, easy to use with very little maintenance and long durability.

Villa Ceramica,s  design brings to the end user an aesthetic and functional positive experience. It is a historic and reliable brand, well defined and established in the market place.

A business project that started 13 years ago, presents now with this new catalogue, a vast offer of ceramic and porcelain products to be placed

on any sufaces, homes, façades, urban areas, etc.

Have Villa Ceramica as the personal ceramic for your habitats, and a different way to live in.